Beauty Tips


Beauty Tips

By Jenelle Rose

Getting the best look possible with what you have and going about improving that which you can. Prepare yourself for an evening out.

The Basics

It starts with the basics, long before an actual evening out and about. Starting with proper skin care, getting enough sleep, watching what and how you eat and what you drink all adds up to a more beautiful you, both inside and outside the body.


First, sleep, feel they don’t need anymore but not only is sleep better for stress management, it can do wonders for the soul and eliminate those bags under the eyes. Those bags can also be managed by drinking plenty of fluids, especially water. You should drink 8-10 8 oz. cups a day. Tea, coffee and soda are actually de-hydrating as well as fattening, so avoid those and anything else with sugar in it for a beverage, water is best! Cucumbers work wonders for bags under the eyes.


As for other treatments, L’Oreal makes a product called “Revit-a-lift” that is every bit as good as the $30-40 department store eye creams and it is available at all drug and grocery stores for as little as $10.00!

Wash your face twice daily. Use facial liquid soaps / foaming cleansers not bar soaps as they all have lard as an ingredient which can clog pores, causing blemishes. After a wash, wait an hour and then blot your “T-Zone”, that is the forehead/nose area with a paper tissue. If it shows a residue, you have oily skin. If you wash your face and immediately afterwards, your skins feel dry or tight, you are using a too harsh soap. Notice that these are not the same things, you could indeed; still have “oily” skin. If there is no residue, you could have dry, normal skin. Combination skin is when your forehead feels oily after an hour but your cheeks feel dried out. All of this goes into how to take care of your skin. When you have oily skin, you can forego using a moisturizer. Dry skin begs for it. If your skin does show blemishes, even with proper two-a-day washings, you have clogged pores. Rinsing with cold water and attacking the blemishes with anti-septic, such as those that you get when you have your ears pierced with make most spots go away in a matter of a couple days. Avoid the Clearasil-type treatments, as they are too drying and don’t treat the problem, they only make it worse. Be aware that this is a simple overview. You may have to go to a dermatologist for specific problems. Blemishes can be caused by hormonal changes within the body and heredity among other things. Water can help by purifying the skin from the inside and keeping it pliable.


The area around the eyes is the most sensitive and there is less muscle there. The skin is also thinner. When you wash your face, rinse with plenty of water and when taking make off, do not stretch the skin. Keep moisturizers not made for the eye area away as the fragrances and other additives can cause puffiness.

Take your make up off every time you wear it. Use the least strong removers that will still do the job. Waterproof mascaras are the hardest to remove. Cetaphil is extra mild and dermatologist-recommended. Department store brands are the most expensive but not necessarily better. Going to bed with makeup on is sure to clog the pores. There are wet-wipes and other methods available to try with and without water available.


Investigate the products label for ingredients that you may be allergic to or that can cause a reaction. It helps to try a new product in a discreet area first and wait 48 hours before you put it to use. Some people are just more sensitive to certain things than others.


Additional Beauty Tips by: Sam Dean who joined The Rumour team as Beauty Writer after extensive travels abroad. She previously worked on New Woman as the beauty assistant but is now putting her stamp on the dot-com world.

1. Creamy pink lipsticks can double up as blush.
2. Eye shadow works as eyeliner. Just use a thin damp brush.
3. Moisturizer applied on the ends of your hair will temporarily seal split ends.
4. Mild shampoos can double up as shower gel.
5. Hair conditioner works well as shaving foam.
6. If you wake up with bed head hair try changing your Pillow Case. Satin Pillow Cases allow the hair to slide along the pillow in your sleep whereas cotton cases don't.
7. Hold your hairdryer above your head, the hot air will then flow down the hair shaft and over the cuticles.
8. If you have sensitive eyes stick to baby shampoo, the soap won't hurt if it gets in the eye.
9. If you have colored hair avoid dandruff shampoos, they strip the color causing fade.
10. Never use other people's mascara, unless you want to risk conjunctivitis or other eye infections.
11. Try Scotch tape instead of expensive T Zone stickers to drag out those black heads.
12. If you have small eyes, avoid dark eye-shadows, they make the eyes look smaller.
13. Thin-lipped people should wear glossy lipstick, which makes lips appear fuller.
14. If you're looking to buy makeup brushes, check out art shops as they're much cheaper and just as affective.
15. Don't wash your hair if you're wearing it up. The natural oils in unwashed hair make it easier to style.
16. If your skin is dry use a cream, if it’s oily use lotion or gel.
17. If you look tired don't pile makeup like mascara or eyeliner on the lower eyes - it will just drag your face down and make you look exhausted.
18. Never pluck eyebrows from the top, just pull out those strays along the natural eyebrow line at the bottom.
19. Don't bother with expensive eye makeup removers, Johnson's Baby Oil works better.
20. For shiny hair rinse in mineral water.
21. Skip wearing mascara on the lower lashes, it doesn't do much for defining the eye and it always smudges.
22. Experiment with new colors from the supermarket before you waste money on posh brands that don't suit you.
23. If you're into home dying, wipe a little Vaseline around your hair line to stop skin getting dyed.
24. If you're posh, mix Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream with a powder eye shadow for a 'grease' effect. If you're not posh, Vaseline works nearly as well
25. If you want your blush to look natural choose the shade your cheeks turn when you blush naturally


Brands: Basically you have two main choices besides the Avon lady, Mary Kay, etc. -Drug store brands and the department stores'. Department stores are nice because you have someone there helping guide you through the daunting choices of the many foundations, etc with regard to your skin type, pigment color and style and particular needs. The down side is you could spend a bunch of money and either still have just scratched the surface or two, it will be just one opinion, not necessarily a correct one. This service also has another price. Department store brands are very expensive and you do not always get what you pay for! Remember also, store lighting can have a major impact on the choices made and these could also be bad decisions. Many stores sell line covering products for also reducing dark circles. These products only make the lines disappear for as long as you are wearing them and there are ways to preventing circles in the first place. Point is, they are sold as creams, ointments what have you for upwards of $30.00. Down at the local drug store or supermarket you can buy L'Oreal's' Revitalift, (new!-Line Eraser) which does the same exact thing for $10.00! My favorite Department store counters are Clinique, Prescriptives, MAC and anything French! At the drug stores, I favor Maybeline, L'Oreal and Oil of Olay.


Cleansers: Always liquids because bar soaps have lard in them and can clog pores. I like mine with moisturizers in them like Dove's. Masks and scrubs that exfoliate are good to use once per week. Avoid too much pulling and straining around the eye area. Use lots of water.

Moisturizers: Oil of Olay makes a very light one and others are available with an SPF-15 built in. Bear in mind, not everyone needs a moisturizer and it is best to use one after your shower and 10 minutes before applying makeup for the skin to absorb it in. Jergen's has a shave minimizing formula out now you can buy for about $4.00! It feels nice. Some swear by it. I don't know yet.

Foundations: Most critical decisions are based upon your skin type, coverage necessary, how to apply and skin color. Available in creams, lotions and compact, you need to know the purpose of foundation is to even out skin tone. Foundation should disappear on your skin; the shade should always exactly match your natural coloring.  The key to a perfect finish is simple:  blend, blend, blend, and then blend.

Apply lightly with clean fingers, brush or sponge (dry or damp). Beard cover works best with either separate products such as Dermablend or tricks such as lipstick, etc. Matt will yield the greatest coverage, lotions the least. To help reduce shine, blot oil with a tissue before touching up with powder.

Concealers: Used to cover specific blemishes such as showing capillaries, red spots of no particular known origin, birth marks, etc. They can also be used alone or with lipstick or Dermablend as beard cover up. Yellow in stick form, one shade lighter than your own skin tone is recommended. Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage concealer is best at hiding dark under-eye circles. Use a small brush or your fingertip and apply only where needed, available in pot, lotion or cream.

Men Tips: There are things men can use to improve their looks. Liquid blush looks great when used sparingly. It really warms up the skin. Try it on cheeks, the bridge of your nose, chin, temples, and / or at the hairline. Also, try using it on lips to enhance the natural lip color.

A well-blended, yellow-based concealer can help cover up minor imperfections (pimples or redness around the nose), and an eyelash curler is just as effective at opening up men's eyes as it is on women. Brow pencil is another thing men can use to give very subtle definition to the eye. If you like a healthy or tanned look, a sheer bronzing powder looks great too -- if you have more patience, try some self-tanner. Keeping eyebrows and facial hair well-groomed, helps too.


Powders: You generally want to go with a translucent, very fine loose powder. Powder goes on after the foundation and concealer and gives a finished look as well as locking it in. Optionally, put on a coat of loose face powder again after all other color has been applied to help soften the look. Take pressed power (compact) with you for quick touchups. Powder gives your skin a finished look. Using a big powder puff, lightly brush away any excess powder for a clean, flawless look.


The reason why your face looks white or like a ghost from the neck up in photos, or your neck/chest looks darker is because of powder. Even though to the eye, your face and neck might match, powder matte down the skin and reflects light back off of it and washes you out. So to avoid the two-tone look, you either have to powder your face and your neck and/or chest, or else you have to not apply powder to your face.

Shadows: Available wet or dry, cream and wild. Choices abound! Achieve a harmonious look by choosing shades within the same color family. For day wear, choose natural shades depending on your eye color. You want to keep the look natural but bring out the color you have. Apply a little foundation or concealer on your eyelids followed by a pale, light shade over entire lid and brow bone.  Then accent with a darker shadow along the lid. Example: For blue eyes, choose shades of brown-2 or 3. The lightest is the highlighter. This goes on first and usually all it takes is a "swoosh" under and across the natural brow line. Next the medium shade is applied onto the lid itself and just beyond the crease, keeping most of the darker shades now to the outer corner of the eye. The darkest shade can be used in the crease itself very judiciously or just at the lash line, wet being the best for longer wear. Just dip an angled brush into a small pot of water, shake off excess and then dig into a side area of your shadow, again shaking off excess and apply as closely to the lash line as possible, starting from the inside of the eye, working outward. Repeat for other eye. As to doing the bottom lash line, that may be taking it too far, particularly for a day look. Remember, less is more. Make up should enhance what you already have not draw attention to itself. Too much and your a caricature of a woman or a Drag Queen. For night time, pretty much anything goes, the darker the better sometimes for “glamour” look.

To apply cream eye shadow, use a sponge to smooth on a very thin, very light layer of loose powder on the entire eyelid before putting on the shadow. Lightly apply cream eye shadow using your fingers. Follow with another light application of loose powder.

Eye Liners: Pencils, "Art liners", creams, combination pencils or shadows? Pencils drag, liners smudge, creams disappear or "roll." Shadows are my choice to use as a liner. Easy to put on, they stay and can be built upon and easily blended. One way to balance out your face is to focus on your eyes. Don't put a big black line around your eyes unless you want a closed-in look. Keep the eye area open. Keeps eye shadow flowing outward off the eye. Lift your brows by tweezing the arch a little higher than normal. This will visually alter the proportions of the face and draw the eye upward and away from your mouth.

Mascara: Waterproof for times you will either perspire or otherwise be getting wet, regular is easier to take off without hurting your skin and therefore much more recommended. Max Factor 2000 Calorie and L’Oreal Volume Express are two favorites. They go on without clumping and make for wonderful looking lashes. If you curl (recommended), do so before apply mascara, otherwise you will have them sticking and breaking off! Curling lashes opens up the eyes.  Putting a little extra powder under the eyes to catch fallen flakes is also recommended. One coat of brown for day wear, two coats of black for night. Use a metal fine-tooth lash comb immediately after applying to separate lashes and a Q-tip, available in flat/pointed sides as well, for blending away flakes on and around the eye.

Brows: Pencil or shadow work well to fill in a light brow. Brows are important as they frame your face, always tweeze from below the brow. Working with shadow and a flat angled brush starting in the darkest area and work outward, tapering to the outside of the eye in a fine line. If pencil is to be used, apply in short strokes outward and into a tapered point. Color should match your natural head hair. Follow this with either an old toothbrush or a brow brush, brushing to smudge and diffuse the color, blending it in and bringing your brow to a point at the bottom. If you apply too much color, soften it by applying a bit of loose face powder in your correct shade with a powder puff. Your brow should be even between left and right sides and you should use the pencil to nose tip pertaining to where the arch should start, its peak and where it should end.

Lips: Save for second last and after you put your top on. Optionally, start by using lip liner pencil and frame in around the natural line, depending on whether you have thin lips or full lips. You may choose to forgo this with the new 8-hour type lip sticks and just apply these with a brush rather than the tube, dusting with single-ply tissue paper in-between lips and power. Do this about three times. For males, to get fuller lips, cover the edges all around your mouth with concealer, and blend well into the skin. Then use a sharpened lip pencil in a neutral color with a firm texture to draw outside your natural lip line. Then just fill in the color with pencil or the lip color of your choice. Use the four-point method. Dot the tips of your top lips and the bottom directly below and draw a line outward to the corners. Follow with lipstick, using a lip brush for a more finished appearance and fuller coverage. Again, blot with single-ply tissue and repeat using lipstick from the tube, building the color for longer staying power. Finish with a spot of gloss on the middle bottom lip and smack lips together for fuller looking lips. Do not try to have both attention getting lips and eyes at the same time. Go for one or the other. If your eyes are to be the focal point, then choose soft shades of lip color.

It's really hard to keep a dark lip color on if you're eating and drinking, no matter how good the brand is. Just remember if you're eating anything even remotely oily, it will take the color right off, just as if you were eating makeup remover. So if you're out at dinner or a party, try to remember to blot your lips with a napkin or tissue as you're eating to keep color from smearing. You might try dusting a little loose powder on the edge of lips before going out for the night - it can increase color's staying power.

Blush: Definitely last. You do not want to apply too much as is usually common, nor do you want racing stripes! Using a crème or powder, blush in a shade that matches your natural color after a run. Apply powder with a blush brush, not the one they gave you included with the product but one that is properly shaped, textured and sized to do the job correctly! Make a smile and apply at the apples of the cheeks and blend towards the temple. For crèmes, use your fingers and apply in a triangular fashion using the same rules. Do not use too much! Less is more.




"Application is everything!" This is definitely a true statement when it comes to creating that oh-so-flawless face of beauty, regardless of what actual makeup products are being used. It’s all about technique…so here’s a quick run down of application techniques.

BLEND - To add something to an existing medium without detection

CONTOUR - To create shadows, or give dimension to the low planes of the face, i.e., temples, orbital bone, sides of nose, under the cheekbones, jaw line, cleft, corner of lips

DAB - To apply color with small touches using finger

DIFFUSE - To lesson intensity, by adding another medium

FUSE - To blend thoroughly together until seamless

HIGHLIGHT - To emphasize the high planes of the face, i.e., center of forehead, brow bone, bridge of nose, above cheekbone, chin, center of bottom lip, center of eyelid

STIPPLE - To apply by repeated pat-and-press motion

STAIN - To apply color, then remove it, leaving behind the stain or first layer of application


Books that I have read and recommend:

Bobbi Brown: Beauty

Hair and Make up by Jane Campsie

Making Faces by Kevin Aucoin

Face Forward by Kevin Aucoin

The Beauty Bible by Paula Begoun

The Beauty Bible by Sarah Stacey and Josephine Fairley

Beauty Secrets for Dummies by Stephanie Seymour

The Mane Thing by Kevin Mancuso

Magazines: Including InStyle, Vogue, Allure, Glamour, Lucky, etc.;

General Books:

110 Mistakes Working Women Make and How to Avoid Them: Dressing Smart in the '9Os; By Joanna Nicholson

Bobbi Brown Beauty: The Ultimate Beauty Resource; By Bobbi Brown, Annemarie Iverson (Contributor)

Chic Simple: Scarves (Chic Simple Components); By Kim Johnson Gross, et al

Sensational Scarf’s: 44 Great Ways to Turn a Scarf into a Fabulous Fashion Look; By Carol Straley

The Beauty Bible; By Sarah Stacey, Josephine Faifiey (Contributor)

1001 Beauty Solutions: The Ultimate One-Step Adviser for Your Everyday / Beauty Problems; By Beth Barrick-Hickey

Accessories (Chic Simple); By Kim Johnson Gross, et al

Chic Simple Women's Wardrobe: Kim Johnson Gross and deft Stone; By Rachel Urquhart, James Wojcik (Photographer)

Color Me Beautiful Make-Up Book; By Carole Jackson;

Making Faces; By Kevyn Aucoin, Gena Rowlands (Introduction)

The World's Best-Kept Beau~ Secrets: What Really Works in Beauty, Diet & Fashion; By Diane Irons

Ultimate Makeup & Beauty; By Mary Quant, et al

The make up counters of department stores-Estee Lauder, Clinique, MAC, and Prescriptives, etc. all offer a lot of information. Many times department store offer free make-overs and give free samples for you to try just for your skin type and color.

Jenelle Rose



Once a week give yourself a manicure, toes and hands. Let your hands and feet soak in water for about 10 minutes. Then using a cuticle removing cream, cotton and an orange stick, push the cuticles back, do not clip, to the skin. Let your fingernails grow and keep them filed to approximately ¼” white showing. In a single direction, file your nails straight across then under the corners, rounding them slightly. Do the same for the toe nails but keep them shorter. One reason we don’t want to go through more hose than we have to. Make sure they are smooth.

The trend in fingernails these days is medium length. Wear extensions for special occasions. A French nail, where you use a masking tape and paint your tips white is nice to wear on occasion for a clean look but nothing beats a full nail polish. Reds are best for toes and anything goes for the fingernails. The color does not have to match your outfit, indeed it rarely does. Use darker shades as you would for your lips and eyes for evening and lighter, paler colors for day. Remove polish using cotton balls and a non-acetone polish remover, Cutex makes a very good one. Hold the cotton ball with the remover on the nail for a brief 10-15 seconds. It makes the polish come off much easier. One ball should remove polish from the nails of one hand. Dispose in the toilet, then flush.



Keep in mind there are several ways to take of nails. Buffing them, using a nail hardener or a matt finish polish on them are all things you can try besides regular polish.

As for polishes, your nails are the last things you do before going out, unless you have the luxury of being able to use a polish all of the time. The express or quick-drying formulas are not as smooth nor does the product last as long in most cases as the regular polishes do. Even so a quick dry one will take about 10 minutes to be dry enough to put a coat on and at least 30 to 60 more will be needed for a real hard finish.


Keeping a polish in the refrigerator can help an older one go on smother. Trying to bring them back to life with a solvent is not a good idea. To eliminate streaking dip the polish brush in the bottle for each nail. Twice may be necessary for the thumbnail. Using the stroke method, apply the polish down the middle from the skin outward. Follow this up with a stroke along each side of that middle one, not to the edge of your nail at the finger. That is not necessary; in fact not going “edge to edge” can make your nails look longer! It is also far easier to get the polish off for a no-tell after finish when it has been removed after your evening is over. Before you use a color on your nails it helps to have a base coat to allow easier removal of all the color later. Women use a base to help fill in the nail for a more finished look as well as a strengthener.

There are “correcting pens” to remove mistakes but these are not necessary. After each nail, if a mistake was made use your other hands finger or thumb nail to remove the excess polish and then wipe onto a tissue in between. Doing this right away as you go will be far easier and successful than waiting till later to them all at one time. If you are able to wear polish all the time the excess that falls on the skin will come off with wear and/or subsequent washings like on your toes. Following a base-polish with a coat or two of color and then a then a layer of a quick dry coat or topcoat is only for long term wear.


Brands: OPI, Revlon, MAC but not the fast finish types. You trade speed drying for over-all smoothness.

Lengths: Your own nails or something glued on. You don't have to bother carrying glue or a nail repair kit with spares and it is far easier getting dressed without those long nails getting in the way. Try keeping natural nails manicured yourself and well cared for. Keep them at a medium length which works well. Too long and they will break, split (or draw attention for males).

Colors: Daytime-mostly paler colors like frost or pearl whites, silver, various shades of pink; nighttime-same or more likely darker shades like reds, wine colors, even black.

Finish Types

Hardeners/Strengtheners: Always use these, day time or as base to color finishes. They will help you to grow longer nails without splits or breaks. Choose OPI matte hardener for general everyday wear, this is a clear, un-detectable polish that is really one of a kind. A bit expensive but worth it or L’Oreal if you don’t mind a shine!

Base Coats: Just what they say they are. These or the hardeners can also act as a shield between your nail and the color, making the color more completely and easily removed.

Top Coats: Not necessary, unless you will be leaving your color on for a period of time like as on your toes for a few weeks. They just help the polish withstand the wear nails go through in a typical day or week, forestalling the re-application of color. After a few weeks due to normal growth or weekly, you may want to re-do your nails anyway. That is when to give yourself a pedicure by the following methodology:


Pedicure: Using a Non-Acetone nail polish remover, remove all color, then wash with soap and water and pat dry. Using a cuticle remover (Sally Hanson's, Revlon, etc.), spot around the perimeter of the nail and then using an "orange stick" and a piece of cotton push the cuticle back toward the toe, never cut. Do this carefully and thoroughly. Again wash and dry. At this point, you may wish to use lotion and work that into the cuticles and around the nail completely, do your whole foot even, if you really want to indulge. Let your feet soak in warm water and use a pumice stone to remove old dead alligator skin to treat and revive your feet. Use a toe clipper and first clip the nails to a relatively short length and follow with an emery board filing (metal is ok here but never on your fingernails)! Only file in one direction and include rounding the corners. Filing in a saw fashion, weakens the nails and will cause them to be more brittle. Rounded toe nails and straight across fingernails, with a longer look and rounded edges is preferred. At this point you are done. It is good to let the nails not be polished for a few days so as to breathe. When you do polish, two coats of a red are best for the toes. Top coats, hardeners, etc. are optional.


Quick Dry Coats: Not needed. Spending a few minutes in front of a directed fan can help but giving yourself time to do your nails and letting them set naturally is the best. 15 minutes is good, 30 better (can now slip on a coat, color will not smear but could lose shine if touched). It takes over an hour for a nail color to harden. Nails are the last thing you do when going out. After getting your purse ready, putting your hose on and your shoes on, everything, a real girl can do her nails long before she does anything else, even a day or two ahead.



Removing Nail Polish: There are many lower-end brands of nail polish remover that are just as good as pricier brands like Tony and Tina or Nailtiques. Favorites are Sally Hansen and Cutex. If you have natural nails you may want to use a non-acetone formula as acetone can be harsh on the nails. If you have artificial wraps or tips, you must use non-acetone polish remover because acetone can erode or even "melt" the nail tip or wrap. Both Cutex and Sally Hansen make moisturizing formulas with ingredients like vitamin E as well as nail strengthening formulas because nails can be left very dry after removing nail polish. It's always best to follow up with hand or cuticle cream.

Make Up Removal:


Use a facial cleanser or baby shampoo to wash face. There are many choices depending on your skin type, preferences and make up used. Waterproof makeup is especially tough to remove. Use cotton balls for your eye make up as well. After washing your face with baby wash, use baby oil on a cotton ball on two sides. Let the solution stay on your eyes about 15 seconds, giving it time to dissolve the mascara and wipe gently without pulling or dragging the skin. Wash again with baby shampoo on the eyes and rinse then thoroughly with water. Repeat a second time, if necessary. Working the cotton ball up as well as down and sideways will probably be necessary.




Using a cotton ball with baby oil on the lips, even with the 8-hour variety, will remove it completely and easily.


Quick Tips

By Jenelle Rose

Posture: Stand up straight, sit straight. Models say, when standing push breasts out, suck tummy in and push buttocks out. Also, do not slump. When sitting and talking to someone, concentrate on listening, do not change the subject, do sit forward in an attentive position. Sit like a lady with legs crossed or knees together at all times!

Walking: Walk as lightly as possible taking little steps. Do not make big movements, instead take small steps, walk on curbs not over them, as found in parking lots. Carry your weight forward. High heels will automatically push your calves out. Walking in high heels for long periods of time or distances however is not recommended but is sometimes the feminine way. Try to be stylish practical as well and always care for your feet!

Eating: Eat very small portions and only one helping. Portions should be the size of your fist. Eat more salads and try to avoid red meat and fattening or processed foods. Stay away from cookies, potato chips and other high-fat snack foods. Pretzels and popcorn (not too much butter and air popped is best!) are better. Stay away from carbs!

Pantyhose & lingerie: Buy good quality stockings and pantyhose. White, black, suntan, nude, opaque, sheer, control top and/or sheer to waist, reinforced toe and or heel or sheer. Shave your legs if you have a lot of hair, if possible perhaps only in the wintertime when you generally don’t wear shorts. Consider the outfit or shoes you will be wearing as to the hose you will pick to wear. Generally don’t wear hose with open-toe shoes. Wear the reinforced type hose for distance walking. Never put hose in the dryer; wash them after wearing in warm water and mild soap and let hang dry. Wash bras and other lingerie with elastic properties in lingerie bags always and line dry.

Pull pantyhose one leg at a time over the knee carefully and slowly. Use gloves when putting the hoses on to avoid runs, at least make sure both fingernails and toenails are filed and smooth. Pull up just a little at a time alternating each side inching your way up. Careful not to twist the hose or you will feel them to get tight on one leg. Put them on over waist cinchers and such to create a smoother effect. Watch what cinchers do and correct as necessary for a smoother look. For hose or stockings, wear panties over a garter’s grips when these wearing full-fashion hose. To get the pantyhose seams straight and in the middle on your tummy, place your hand inside the hose and carefully adjust with the back of your hand. Do not pull them, stretching them into place. Buy good quality pantyhose from brands like L’eggs, No-Nonsense and the like. They are about $3 to $4.00. and available in pack of three or four. Full-fashion hose can be $16.00. Some hose have a garter or a stay up (Thigh Highs) built in. Do not put lotion on your legs prior to putting on a pair of these thigh high stay-ups. Save your ruined, runner-erred hose for around the house, trying on outfits or even combining one good leg with another from another set. Watch when you wear two pair of hose for an optical effect that you don’t want, especially with darker colored hose. Black hose with white business outfits are OK as black is considered business. Do that at night however and your look could be called sluttish. Summer dresses and shorts look best without hose, unless they are “suntan”. Cutoff shorts and black hose can be very sexy.


Contouring can create some beautiful planes in your face but save it for evening. By day, it can simply make you look too made up. The problem is that the blending isn't thorough enough and your efforts are too noticeable. Keep in mind that less is more.

Contour powder should be a neutral color with no red or yellow overtones. Ideally, it should be a few shades darker than your foundation. Actually, using a darker foundation is a good idea as it can be blended far more easily than powder.

Blending is very, very important. Practicing, is the only way you are going to become skilled at this application.

To accent cheekbones, blend in three dots of liquid highlighter above the cheekbones. Dust a little brown contour powder below the cheekbones and then fill in with your favorite shade of blush.

Dark Shadows Under Eyes

To cover dark shadows under the eyes, use an under eye concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation. It should not be so light however that you appear to have white circles under your eyes. Apply it very gently with a brush until the darkness disappears. Make sure that the concealer is not overly oily or it will settle into any fine lines in the area.

Under Eye Puffiness

Another cause of this puffiness is lack of sleep or excessive alcohol. To reduce the puffiness, you can apply a cold compress until the area returns to its original state. If alcohol is the culprit, increase your intake of fluids to rehydrate the skin.



Beauty Essentials


 Opened Makeup (Shelf Life):



As soon as you open a product it becomes exposed to oxygen and germs that cause them to expire.  Since makeup doesn’t come with expiration dates – here’s a general timeline for your makeup.  If a product looks, smells or tastes bad it’s a good indicator it’s time to toss it. 

Store makeup in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and keep lids tightly closed.









Unopened makeup









Makeup sponge









Loose & Pressed powder









Shimmer Powder









Liquid & cream foundation


















Cream Blush









Powder Blush


















Liquid Eyeliner









Eye shadow









Lip and Eye liners


















Lip Gloss









Moisturizer (with or without SPF)









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 Q: I've got a lot of old already opened makeup sitting around in my bathroom. How do I know what's safe to keep and use, and what I should throw away?

A: We go to so much trouble to keep our skin clean and healthy; the last thing you want is to contaminate it with old, possibly unsafe cosmetics.

Here's a handy guide to the shelf life of already opened products:

     Cleanser: 1 year

     Foundation: 1 year

     Lipstick: 1 to 2 years

     Mascara: 3 to 4 months, especially.

Bacteria farm in those tubes can cause pink eye or other infections another reason you shouldn't share make up!

If you wear contact lenses

     Powder: 2 years

     Eye shadow: 2 years

When in doubt, check the odor and consistency of a product you think might be too old to use. Knowing how long your products will keep for, not only protects your skin, but it's a great way to monitor your buying habits.



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