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Finder's Keepers: Behind the Scenes Gallery

Chilltime Productions: Tyrone Richardson, Producer

KK Smith, Director

 Jeff Dunn Director of Photography



Finder’s Keeper’s in Wide Release!

After two years that included a short filming schedule, a short editing cycle but a long money and a distribution hunt, Finder’s Keeper’s, a KK Smith comedy produced by Tyrone Richardson for Chilltime Productions with Jeff Dunn on camera and featuring “Miss” Laura Hayes, Jarell T. Jackson, Duffy Hudson along with Beverly Swaile, William L. Schwarber, Cindy Richardson, Christine, Majesty, and Jenelle Rose who also was the Makeup Artist, finds national release everywhere from Wal-Mart or Blockbuster for sale or purchase to online sales and purchases as well as two dozen other locations across America.. See the trailer and learn more about the film at York Entertainment.


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* Jarell T. Jackson, star of the film "Living the Life" has appeared on Comic View Aug.'03 is Dino

More from the movie:

Christina heading out

Beverly Swaile makes a new friend

Jeff Dunn (DP), setting up scene

William L. Schwarber as Joey and Duffy Hudson as Dominick having fun

KK Smith directing cast/scene

All make up by Jenelle Rose


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