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Written by Jenna Hunt   
Wednesday, March 30 2011

Let Your Face be a Canvas
When beauty disasters strike, you can be prepared. Discover those tips and update your makeup techniques for a refreshing new look with a local makeup artist's expertise.

Makeup artist Jenelle Rose helps you fix your beauty disasters.

Fuller lips, arched eyebrows, and cat eyes are only a few of the techniques makeup artist Jenelle Rose knows how to perfect on a woman's face. Using a woman's face as her canvas, she has great enthusiasm in improving a woman's looks by making her look beautiful.


About 10 to 11 years ago, a local makeup artist discovered her passion for the artistry behind makeup and began her own business called by Jenelle Rose--- now just Although she is a local resident, Rose does not limit herself by staying in this area. Instead, she will travel to wherever a face is in need of makeup.


Beyond doing makeup for weddings and films, Rose offers workshops, where she teaches her clients the basics of makeup such as color, highlighting, contrasting, and how to apply these techniques properly. She will generally pull some women from the audience and continue to talk about day looks, glamour looks, fixes, and other areas of interest.


"I enjoy it," Rose says. "I have a passion for making people look great, which is also the tag line on my website. I really do enjoy making women look prettier and adding more pizzazz."


Rose has an eye for makeup mistakes when she looks at women. "Their colors aren't right sometimes, and I just kind of notice that," Rose says. "I like to help them, so they can give a better presentation to the world."


One beauty pitfall can come with eyebrows. Eyebrows are an important asset to an individual, as they frame the face. Always tweeze the hair from below the brow, Rose says, and the color should also match your natural head hair. If too much color is applied, soften it by applying a bit of face powder in the correct shade.


Whenever Rose applies her own makeup, she's always looking for something different. There's never a day where she uses the same makeup or the same techniques. It's always fresh. A woman gets to know her face if she experiments with her makeup, Rose says. For example, if she uses an oil base foundation, it may make her break out, but if she uses a powder foundation, it may be too dry.


"A lot of women use the same makeup and techniques for 20 years, so when I come along I suggest other things they can try to spice up their look," Rose says.


For several more tips that Rose offers for when beauty disasters strike, check out




Photographer: Neysa Ruhl

Model: Jenelle Rose

Location: M/I Homes Estates at Shayler Ridge Model Home


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