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Makeup: Finder's Keepers2

Finder's Keepers

Christine. left and Majesty fooling around on set. Two of the three hookers on the set- I was the third!

Was great to be able to go very dramatic on the make up with the three of us.

Christine was a blank slate but Majesty had a friend do hers and came with orange shadow and crooked eye-liner on.

I fixed those problems and did the rest-contouring, etc., including giving her blue eye shadow.



Cindy Richardson never wears make up and certainly never shadow, she said. She loved the look I gave her using green shadow, and so did her husband/producer of FK!

Beverly Swaile, wearing "pretty make up" but more than she normally wears, another one that doesn't wear make up but liked the look I gave her.

All make up by Jenelle Rose

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