I just got home and couldn't wait to run to the computer and say "Thank you" once more. I was extremely nervous and uncertain about the entire venture. Your candidness, welcoming attitude and willingness to share solidified the image of an outstanding person I've envisioned you to be through what I've found on your website.

I look forward to other opportunities to meet and to learn from your strength. Thank you again for your time.

"Excellent organizer, able to pull things together quickly and make things happen successfully." Scott Wegener, Channel 9 videographer, film director davidgpro@lycos.com;
"A very good make up professional." Natalie Henry, movie director
"I would recommend her to any cosmetics assignment. She is very good." Leah Brooke Monhollon, Estee Lauder counter salesperson/make up artist, actress;
"Great on a movie set; a really good make up artist who is fast and knowledgeable" Lance Liming, Actor;

"I seek out Jenelle when I need a good make up artist." Lonna Kingsbury, Actress Meriprnxtr1@netzero.com

In the past ~~~

A few of the actors and actresses I have done on film sets:
Lance Liming
Mario Scrimizzi
Duffy Hudson
Jarell T. Jackson
William L. Schwarber

Frank Anderson

Lonna Kingsbury Meriprnxtr1@netzero.com
Laura O'Connell lauraoconnell2000@yahoo.com
Holly Dunlap
Leah Brooke Monhollon (Estee Lauder counter salesperson/artist)
"Miss Laura" Hayes

Beverly Swaile ("Scrubs")

A few of the directors I have worked with:
KK Smith theroadiesmovie@hotmail.com
Scott Wegener davidgpro@lycos.com
Jenny Schultz
Natalie Henry (pending-movie in pre-production)
Jeff Winkleman

Rebecca Price


 of these and other film companies:

KK Smith Films

Dreamline Studios

Chilltime Productions

Countering Group

Qualification Profile

Detail oriented, quick learner, very good communicator, highly accomplished with natural ability to sell.

Demonstrated ability to develop individuals and form successful sales teams.

Results-oriented professional with a strong track record of achievement.

Recognized ability to identify areas for improvement and implement plans that ensure success.

Experience presenting to large or small groups.

Experience in sales, customer service, management and marketing.

Possess skills in web design, E-commerce and Word among others.


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